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July 4, 2015: enjoying the heat wave


This summer is a summer, I would sign for, every year: weeks long everyday sunshine and hot enough, to feel the need to jump into the water. Chilling at Durgerdam, alongside IJsselmeer. sjaakledpicture.

March 11, 2015: spring time is coming


As the sun slowly gets power, the garden (Amstel Glory) is a fantastic place to be. Especially if you have to burn waste wood. sjaakledpicture.

February 21, 2015: dark winter days don't have to be dull


Dark winter evenings don't have to be dull; walking from Oosterdokseiland, near Central Station to the Nemo museum and then along the entry of the IJ-tunnel back to the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood again; it's a joy. sjaakledpicture.

december 2014: merry christmas from sjaakled, the person Sjaak




The card has been made with my own shopwindow material from 2001, the self-portrait was made in september 2014. The Nieuwmarkt photo was made on the first day the 2014 Christmas tree was placed, next to the matrix-board with a warning against white heroin, sold in the streets as cocaine.


19 October 2014: a day suitable for swimming on a Normandy beach


Together with three others I enjoyed a week of relaxing in a big comfortable house in the Normandy countryside. Every day quietly exploring the region: sightseeing the D-Day beaches, the art museums and enjoying the calm landscapes in fairly good weather. We even swam in the sea. In the evening cosily cooking together in the high-tech kitchen. Collecting new energy for a more hectic period in Amsterdam after.

July 24, 2014: "painting by assignment" ready: Oosterdok 2013


In May 2012 a client of mine asked me to make a painting in analogy of the painting Oosterdok 1987. It took a year to have a good design for it on which we both agreed. It should be based on a photograph taken from Kikkerbilsluis-brug in the Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam in late spring at sunrise, when the water is still quiet and has the necessary relative serenity to base the wished painting on. on a canvas of 125 x 85 cm I started working, the underpainting and the contours of the object first and then the painting itself; It lasted a year, but now my client and I are content.

May 15, 2014, a day of work on the foundation of the Waag building


Because one of the corner towers of the 15th century Waag building was slowly breaking away of the rest of the building, a plan was made to renew the complete foundation of the complex. The new foundation has been made now, but an earlier partial strengthening of the foundation ( to support the south-east tower ) has to be removed. That is happening these days.
It is a hard job, literally; beams of 150cm high, heavily reinforced concrete, have to be cut away. With circular saw, drill and steel saw. See some moments in the process, catched by my camera:

„Old „Old „Old „Old „Old „Old „Old „Old „Old „Old

The man who carried out the job, was intrigued by my activity and asked for prints of the photo's I was making; I said OK, when you allow me to publish the same series on my website. And he agreed. The work on the foundation of the Waag is completed at the end of this year; hopefully that will be enough to keep the building erect for at least another 200 years .


13 april 2014: excursion to NDSM in Amsterdam Noord

old harbourgrounds with shadow- selfie two harbourphoto’s

I made the excursion to the ships of Greenpeace, but the experience of water and horizon was the most interesting photographically.

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