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activities in Amsterdam Central neighbourhoods

June 5 till July 30, 2015: Metamorphosis of Oosterdok Island in photo's
 in the 28 street show cases of Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam


Oosterdok Island is an artificial island next to Central Station in Amsterdam

Redevelopment started in 2005: a new public library opened in 2007, the Academy of Music was completed in 2008. Also a big hotel, offices, apartments and smaller commercial entities were realised

The sjaakled-photo's of the Oosterdok area were made between 1978 and 2015. They were
 displayed at Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam. Photo report; web album Picasa:

Metamorfosis Oosterdokseiland; photo report expo and opening


March 13 till June 4, 2015: ORDINARYEXTRAORDINARY, photo's in the  street show cases of Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam


Paulo Wirz. photo and collage: sjaakled

In the 28 street show cases, that are suspended from the walls and pillars in Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam, I produce at least four times a year a new exhibition, mostly with material coming from people in the neighborhood. I am doing that under the authority of the board of Stichting Kunst en Cultuur Stadshart Amsterdam. The exhibition in Sint Antoniesbreestraat that started March 13, is made after a concept of Pawlo Wirz. Enlarged i-phone-photo’s, made by Paulo and Lucas Wirz, of things stuck on the asphalt, floors, in parks. The scale sometimes is difficult to determine…


Poster by Ricardo Leite and some of the photo's by Paulo and Lucas Wirz


19 December 2014; start of an exhibition of drawings in street showcases


the flyer for the exhibition "drawings in the neighborhood" by Edgar Jansen


till 16 December 2014; photos of paintings by Ayubi in street showcases


announcement of the exhibition of Ayubi, Dutch/Afghan artist, starting September 12, 2014


one of the Ayubi paintings in the street showcases exhibition in Sint Antoniesbreestraat


June 2014; 400 years Zuidertoren: drawings by children in the street  showcases in Sint Antoniesbreestraat, not far from this tower.


two posters referring to the 400th anniversary of the Zuidertoren


During the festivities to commemorate the 400 years old Zuidertoren the street showcases in Sint Antoniesbreestraat displayed drawings of pupils of The White Elephant School.


Photos of street gardens in the neighborhood in the street showcases


drink at the occasion of the opening of the expo honoring Small Street Garden Day 2014


Peter Paschenegger, maker of the street garden photos series


2014 BUDDHA, photo’s by Jacob Heeringa en Sjaak van der Leden


Boeddha invasion in the showcases along Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam


On behalf of the committee "Kunst en Cultuur" of Neighbourhood community centre d’Oude Stadt I organized an exhibition in the showcases along Sint Antoniesbreestraat of a series of photographs made by Jacob Heeringa in the Nieuwmarkt-part of the city centre, all depicting little boeddha statues. During my travels in Asia I made pictures of the big Boeddha's in temples and monasteries and I could mix some of these photographs in this exhibition to provide reference material.

Opening vitrine-expositie "Boeddha" in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam, 27 februari 2014

album of all the exhibited photo's in de showcases ànd of the opening, 27 February 2014


graffiti behind glass: de little monsters of Bortusk Leer


Bortusk said; all my monsters are self-portraits: up to you to judge.


For the commission "Art & Culture" of Neighbourhoodcentre Wijkcentrum d’Oude Stadt I realized the project to show behind the glass of all 28 showcases monsters in the Sint Antoniesbreestraat. Bortusk Leer made them to measure. The exhibition was officially opened with a drink on the 20th of December 2013. They stayed there till February 25, 2014. Most people liked them !


two exhibitions for the jubilee of the centre of elderly people "Flesseman"

2 expo's Flesseman 25 years

Left a picture from the exhibition at the Flesseman Restaurant: The Series "wish photographs of residents" by photographer René Louman: unrealistic desires digitally realized. Right, a photo from the exhibition in the showcases of St. Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam: a choice of Sjaak van der Leden from the archives of Flesseman. Opening: October 11, 2013.



street wall window exhibition Sint Antoniesbreestraat summer 2013

ontspannen moment voor de fotograaf

In 2007, Amsterdam community center for the old city centre "d'Oude Stadt" organized the first "day of the city street gardens" in Nieuwmarktbuurt on Siebbeleshof, a quiet square / little garden behind St Antoniesbreestraat. I took pictures of it and each year, on the Saturday in May that the citystreet-garden-day takes place, I keep doing it. Weather conditions varied, but the same every year was the good atmosphere that arose, partly because of the musical performances by people from the neighborhood (amateur and professional) and by the presence of flower arranging- and painting- workshops for children. A fellow photographer from another Amsterdam neighborhood, Trudy van der Winkel, took this picture at a time of relaxation; on the photo: Marrie my sister, who has a rooftop garden and comes to this green market each year, in conversation with me while I roll a cigarette. After this pause I resumed the photographing. (Geveltuinendag 2012)

photo series "citystreet wallgardens Nieuwmarkt 2007-2013" depicting this summer's
 street window exhibition in Sint Antoniesbreestraat:

July and August 2013 in the showcases: geveltuindagen 2007-2013


April Festival Nieuwmarkt 2013

begin van opbouw aprilfeesten op Nieuwmarkt

Sunday, April 21 the building-up of the April celebrations on the Nieuwmarkt started. One of the festivities on April 24 a benefit party for the ailing neighborhood magazine "OpNieuw". The magazine is 30 years old this year. Photo: Sjaak van der Leden. I made a photo report.

OpNieuw-jubileum tijdens aprilfeesten op Nieuwmarkt

Nieuwmarkt, April 24, 2013, 21:20 h


April-May 2013: showcase exhibition about coot nests in the old city

Bij de vitrines in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat wordt de expositie van foto's geopend met een rondleiding

The Sint Antoniesbreestraat street exhibition about coot nests in the water of the inner city by photographs of Ine Ophof is opened with an explanatory tour along the exhibit by the artist. April 11, 2013. Photo: SjaakLed


December 2012 - March 2013: showcase exhibition about
 the history of Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam

Bij de vitrines in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat wordt de expositie van foto's van de geschiedenis van de Sint Antoniesbreestraat geopend met een rondleiding

Guided tour along the gable walls of Sint Antoniesbreestraat by the compiler of the exhibition Sjaak van der Leden. November 29, 2012

een van de vitrines in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat bij avond

One of the showcases in the Sint Antoniesbreestraat at night. In this showcase a photo from 1956, taken in the street:

vitrine-foto in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat van de expo: SINT ANTONIESBREESTRAAT IN THE PICTURE


2010: artists portraits in assignment of community center

In de vitrines in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat is een expositie van portretten van Nieuwmarkts kunstenaars

Communitycenter "d'Oude Stadt" asked me to make a series of photographs of artists that live in the Nieuwmarkt neighborhood, showing them, by preference, working in their studios. The photographs I took were exhibited in the showcases of Sint Antoniesbreestraat to serve to add lustre to "Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt 2010" in October 2010. Photo's with this: sjaakled September 2010.

In de vitrines in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat is een expositie van portretten van Nieuwmarkts kunstenaars

name and logo

working for the Nieuwmarkt-neighbourhood newspaper : "OpNieuw"

voorplaat OpNieuw, juni 1995 en een redactioneel stuk, maart 2002

I got in contact with "OpNieuw" when in the spring of 1995 Tineke Nijenhuis, who ran the magazine at that time, asked me to make a cover illustration for the magazine. For every issue of the periodical she asked one of the artists, living and/or working in the Nieuwmarkt area, to design one. I drew at that time and liked graphic applications. Soon after that I was asked as an editor; I was considered an expert in municipal city planning with a background of architectural education and my interest in the reconstruction of the Nieuwmarktbuurt, plagued as it was by World War II and, from the sixties on, the struggle against a metro building plan. I followed the Residents Council meetings and reported on that on a three-monthly basis. "OpNieuw" is a house-to-house magazine (± 4000 copies per edition).

covers van OpNieuw gemaakt in 2003 en 2007

Till July 2008 I regularly wrote articles in the magazine, among others about the big building plans on Oosterdokseiland close to our neighborhood and the Central Station and made the accompanying illustrations. In 2003 and 2007 I designed two more covers, using photographs I shot for that purpose.

In september 2009 publiceerde buurtblad OpNieuw een In Memoriam Peter Rauh

In September 2009 OpNieuw published a "In Memoriam Peter Rauh". Parallel to the memorial exhibition (in Gallery Connie Bos at the Zwanenburgwal, Amsterdam) I organized a year after the passing away of Peter Rauh. I was the obvious person to make the frontpage and an article about my good friend and artist for forty years, though I had left the editorial staff more than a year before.


OpNieuw publishes regularly my photos; mostly of Nieuwmarkt neighborhood events

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