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start: using a personal logo in the seventies

in the seventies I made stationery with my logo (see under this, left). Drawn logo's also started to appear in my diary and sketchbooks. They evaluated into drawn signatures and initials.

collage sjaak logo, schets en dagboekblad

probeervormen sjaak logo

vormen sjaak logo 1979-1984

vormen sjaak logo 1985-1989

developing a presentation

collage sjaak en geschilderd logo plus 2 tekeningen

In 1987 I started to think seriously about selling paintings and drawings; I would have to organise exhibitions complete with a vernissage/opening. I clustered my activities in a one-man-company under the name "Sjaak van der Leden: letter, deco & expo".
To develop a recognizable identity I needed a logo. Now I had to design one on the basis of free-hand-drawn logo's I was already using and a painted one in oil on canvas (photo: Eprave, Belgium, 1989).


The first formalised logo appeared on the visiting card, that was printed for me in 1985.


hand drawn logo's

oude logo's

De charming thing about a drawn logo is, that you can adapt it to the occasion for which it was made, experimenting in the layout.

logo developed on the computer

From November 1997 on I used the computer to make a "cliché": with the inspiration on hand drawn logo's I stylized the form and shape. With this new electronic tool I could play with the shape very easily. I could turn it around its ax and remove not essential parts. A logo has to be simple. The form that was left over (in light-blue, see under; the fifth drawing from the left) could be modified by drawing a new tag.

ontwerpstadia logo

With this tag (third from the right in the range above) I could start working; stylise and adding color.
Making my first templates for writing paper, invoice, photo stickers and the like I used this simple logo.
5 years later I felt the need to make my logo more sophisticated and added depth and shadow.
When I also started selling photo's en photoreports the name of my small business became: "Sjaak van der Leden: letter, deco, expo & photo", the name I inscribed in the registers of Chamber of Commerce (KvK) in Amsterdam.

ontwerpstadia logo tweede fase

Some of the experimental versions of the logo; the one on the right I am still using on photo-stickers, invoices, writing paper, labels etc.

Sjaak van der leden

In 2012 I developed a logo in digital form to use online, mainly for my website.

Sjaak van der leden

My stylized written name: Sjaak van der Leden got a companion: sjaakled, in 2014. I used it in the development of this english version of my website. See the home page.

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