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5 - 13 November 2016: Expo new paintings: "Life after the mandala"


In November 2016 I organise an exhibition of new oil paintings in Oosterkerk in Amsterdam: canvasses with mandala-, portrait-, outer-space- en landscape- elements. Though most paintings are new, also older paintings will be on display, among which two "Oosterdok Paintings",see picture above, both measuring 125 x 85 cm. I painted them in resp. 1987 en 2013. It is the wish of the owners to show them next to each other for once.

Sjaak van der leden

mei, juni, juli 2016: AMSTERDAM SPRING TREES in street windows

aankondiging van Foto-expositie AMSTERDAM LENTEBOMEN

On the 27th of May 2016 the opening took place in Huis de Pinto of the photo exhibition AMSTERDAMS LENTEBOMEN. In the street gallery of Sint Antoniesbreestraat in Amsterdam big photo's of "trees in young leaf" were suspended. All photos taken in the spring month May against the background of the (inner-)city.


Sjaak van der leden

June 2015: Photo-exhibition Metamorfosis Oosterdokseiland in street  displays in Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam

aankondiging van Foto-expositie Metamorfose Oosterdokseiland

Amsterdam grows its inner city on Oosterdokseiland. On this piece of land east of the Central Station everything changed. On 2 layers of parking space (for ca 1700 cars en ca 2500 bicycles) a big Public Library, a Conservatory, a big hotel, a lot of shopping space and 200 apartments were realised.

overview Oosterdokseiland

Sjaak van der Leden photographed Oosterdok Island and surroundings many times. He made a choice from his analogue and digital archive in order to show the changes this part of Amsterdam has undergone in the last decades.

New Year's eve on Oosterdok

The exhibition of 28 photo's contains five night registrations of the area. This one was taken on the 31st of December 2014. De expo can be seen in the shopwindow at Sint Antoniesbreestraat till the end of July 2015. For all Photographs see:

5 juni 2015 Metamorfose van het Oosterdokseiland; expo en opening

Sjaak van der leden

april 2014: Photo exhibition Amsterdam in office of neighbourhood centre

zes photos expo in Wijkcentrum, april 2014

I made many photographs in the city-centre of Amsterdam. For a small exposition in the neighbourhoodcentre "d'Oude Stadt" I printed twelve of them on a bigger scale; six of them above.

zes photos expo in Wijkcentrum, april 2014

The meeting room in the community centre with some of the photo's. Also photo's in the reception space.

Sjaak van der leden

"Kijk je ogen uit" expo in Oosterkerk till 15 november 2013

collage expo in Oosterkerk, oktober 2013

On the 12th of oktober 2013 the exhibition in location Oosterkerk, Amsterdam was opened; work of six artists, who work in the east part of the city-centre. Tapestry, photo's, paintings, drawings, sculptures and other art-objects.

Sjaak van der leden

january 2013; photo "Zuiderkerktoren bij avond" in expo at Zuiderkerk

collage expo in Zuiderkerk, January 2013

In January 2013 there was an exposition in the Zuiderkerk with depictions of the Zuiderkerk and its tower through the ages. "OpNieuw" (neighborhood newspaper in the Nieuwmarkt) of September 2007 published a black and white version of the same photo by me, made in December 2006. I made a colourprint of this photo; 58 x 24 cm on aluminium, for the exposition.

Sjaak van der leden

april 2012: four mandala's, three portraits and a cityscape of my making
 exposed as part of a duo-expo in community centre d'Oude Stadt

collage expo in Wijkcentrum d'Oude Stadt

Sjaak van der leden

for ten weeks, starting 14 december 2011: part of the exposition
  "mandala & metamorfose" in Pintohuis Amsterdam.

collage foto's interieurPintohuis

In the entry hall of OBA-library in the Pintohuis, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69, 1011 HB Amsterdam
ten of my paintings; mandala's, portraits and "Oosterdok 1987" were exhibited.

Sjaak van der leden

september 2011: exhibition of a new series of paintings

2011WebafficheExpo mandala & metamorfose

and a summary of older work in perspective with the new

Gyanendra Tripathi To speak out the opening words Gyanendra Tripathi from Nepal travelled to Amsterdam.
I got to know him when during a touristic trip my friend Pieter fell in a ravine and died;
he helped and comforted me in the first difficult hours and days after that.
Gyanendra was trained medically and completed a study in sociology in 2011. He works
for an organization that informs the Nepali rural population about healthcare and about
prevention and coping with HIV-AIDS. His English is very understandable. I sent him pictures
of paintings I made on inspiration by the trip to Nepal and India and he liked them.

openingExpo mandala & metamorfose

the speech on video:

in the exhibition 42 works, 13 of them new and never shown before.

Sjaak nieuw werk 2007-2011

a choice of examples of older work to show the developments in style

Sjaak oud werk 1975-2005

older work from 1975 till 2005

15 tm 19 september 2011: "mandala & metamorfose" fotoreportage

augustus 2011: exhibition at Huub & Lex in Wünschendorf


On 5, 6 en 7 August 2011 the music- and art-festival: "Alle Tassen im Schrank" took place in Wünschendorf, (in the past: East-)Germany, in and around the Hotel/Farm Fuchsmühle. The festival derives its name from the collection of DDR-porcelain gathered by the dutch owners of the farm Alex and Huub. "Alle Tassen im Schrank" is a german saying meaning: not being backward. I was invited to show some of my paintings ánd to work on new canvasses there. For that reason I got a market booth on the festivalgrounds. On a laptop computerscreen I showed work made in the period 1959 till 2008.


In the big ballroom of the former leasure-hotel four of my mandala-paintings were exposed amid cupboards filled completely with DDR-chinaware, all produced during the existence of the East German State GDR.

Sjaak van der leden, preceding expositions

Livingroom exhibition at Pierre Florac: PIËROTHEEK, November 2004

Together with three other artists an exhibition was held in the house of Pierre Florac, who lives in a flat in Fagelstraat, Amsterdam. It was open two weekends for invitees.

announcement expo Pierotheek

Photoshopped collage (©Sjaak): announcement / invitation for the exhibition.

Sjaak paintings exhibited

two of my paintings at the living room exhibition

Sjaak van der leden

"Van schone jongelingen en mandaletten", May 2004 expo at Theo

Spring 2004 I felt ready for a new exhibition; I rented Theo Jeuken's studio at the Gedempte Huidenvetterssloot (side street of O.Z. Achterburgwal).

Sjaak at the entrance of the lane leading to the exhibition

Sjaak at the entrance of the lane, a cul-de-sac, giving access to Theo's studio. Translation of the title of the exhibition: "of nice youngsters and mandalets" (= work inspired by the phenomena of mandala)

View in the exhibitionspace

part of the exhibition

Sjaak van der leden

expo "DE STAND VAN ZAKEN" at Theo's studio, September/October 2000

Stimulated by the success of the 1998-expo already in 2000 I could make an exhibition with new work. In the inspiring surroundings of a small old house with a court in the middle of the Red Light District of the old city of Amsterdam I could make a very intimate exhibition.


                                  the poster of the exhibition.

View in the exhibitionspace

                             Part of the exhibition space

Sjaak in the exhibitionspace

Sjaak amidst some of the paintings

reception in the garden

The court in front of the small house gave space to the guests, visiting the opening of the exhibition. Photo Jannie van der Duys

Sjaak van der leden

expo in "Flesseman", May / August 1999

Invited by Centrum voor Ouderen Flesseman at Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam, I exhibited work in the house of the elderly in my neighbourhood.


                            The poster depicted a part of "Groepsportret 1998".

Sjaak van der leden

Duo-exhibition in Vlasborch, Vught, March - May 1999

Together with Peter Rauh, on invitation by an institution for for visually handicapped people (!), we had an exhibition with works that we had available at the time.

announcement expo Vlasborch

An announcement published by the regional newspaper made it possible for people outside the institution to see the 40 paintings.

Sjaak's painting exhibited

view on the exhibition

Sjaak paintings

Much space for every work for a good eftect of each of the works

Sjaak paintings

Pieter drinks coffee with residents

Peter Rauh has coffee with residents. On the right; one of his paintings.

Sjaak's paintings

The paintings gave color to the somewhat sterile spaces in the building

Sjaak van der leden

Duo-exhibition in "Elisabeth Otter Knollhuis", October 1998

Invitation expo in Otter Knoll

De second exhibition of my paintings I organized together with an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Peter Rauh, my paint-pal since almost 30 years, in the Elisabeth Otter Knollhuis, a former sophisticated old people's home for widows of marine-officers located in the east part of Amsterdam. I had the ground floor and Pieter the first floor ; the gallery along the inner court; a beautiful melancholic garden. My exhibition contained only paintings: the production of five years. We built up the exhibition together with Peter Pieksma, who did the lighting and Bart van Brakel

sign for the two expo's

In the monumental hall; the starting point of both exhibitions.

Sjaak exhibits in Otter Knoll

Sjaak poses in front of his paintings

view through the gallery

Impression of the exhibition

long corridor in abundant light

beautiful location

every painting its own light

Each painting was lighted with a bulb, hidden in a wrap of thin metal; a design by Peter Pieksma…

simple bulbs lighted all

…and it worked very well.

from left to right: Sjaak van der Leden, Peter Pieksma, Bart van Brakel, Peter Rauh

from left to right: Sjaak van der Leden, Peter Pieksma, Bart van Brakel, Peter Rauh

The exhibition was a success, and that is a compliment for the way the paintings were presented, but, of course also for the quality of the exhibited work. Pieter as well as I sold more than half of what we had presented there.

Sjaak van der leden

exhibition at the offices of the art association, Amsterdam, March 1991

After having worked for the art association (member of the Union) as a volunteer I got the offer to make an exhibition in their office space wíth vernissage. It was the first exhibition of my own work: paintings. That was March 1991. I started painting as my "profession" five years earlier, before that I designed and built scenery for theatre and just made drawings.

It's raining in the early morning

One of the paintings was the painted version of a drawing: "It's raining in the early morning"

exhibited works

Top left: a thee dimensional mandala made of layers of painted plywood

two exhibited paintings

Diptych in one of the office rooms.

collage with light

my light collage over the passage to the hall of the office. Below the object colleague-artmaker Theo Jeuken(left) and Sjaak van der Leden

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