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Sjaak van der Leden *1947

curriculum vitae ~ course of life in photo's

Sjaak in 1949, 1952 en 1954

Sjaak 2 years old, 5 years old and 7 years old

Sjaak in de achtertuin van het ouderlijk huis in Nieuwveen, 1960

Sjaak in the backyard of the parental home in Nieuwveen, 1960

Sjaak, 2e van rechts,in klas B5b van de HBS, 1963

Sjaak, second from the right, class B5b van de HBS, February 1963

Sjaak, gehurkt, rechts, klaar voor sport met de "ster"klas van de HTS-Bouwkunde in Amsterdam, september 1963

Sjaak, right, on my hunkers, ready for sport with the "star"class of HTS: Buildingtechnology high school in Amsterdam, September 1963

Sjaak in Londen, juni 1966

Sjaak in London; June 1966. In 1966 the choice was made to live the life I live now: I was looking for my real self in London and Scotland. In Scotland I found out that I wanted to become a free man, and not to go into social career urge that I should have had to grow out from building technologist to architect for which I was trained. In the tranquility of nature I meditated and decided to be a free designer. This was mainly done in the exercise of painting and drawing, up to this day!

Sjaak gefotografeerd voor de garage bij het ouderlijk huis in Nieuwveen, 1966

Picture taken in front of the garage belonging to the parental house in Nieuwveen, after returning from a hitchhiking trip of several weeks throughout Europe, summer 1966

4 producties waarvoor ik als inspicient werkte tussen 1966 en 1974

But in the meantime I had to take jobs to earn my living. So I started in September 1966 as an inspiciënt (theatertechnician) for the musical "Heerlijk duurt het langst". In season 1968-1969 I worked for the comedy "En Ik Dan" followed in 1970 by a job as stagemanager with "Spring Uit Het Raam, Schat We Gaan Trouwen" with Luc Lutz en Trudy Labij acting. I also had a small role on stage. In 1971-1973 I worked for productions of Funhouse, and in 1974 for a social-cultural educational theatre group called Sater.

foto van de cast van "EnIkDan" in Avenue 1968

1968: Stagemanager for John de Crane comedy production "En Ik Dan?" (photo with an article in "Avenue")

Sjaak in liftend in Noord Zweden, juli 1968

Sjaak hitchhiking in Zweden, July 1968

portret, gemaakt door Peter Rauh, 1969

Photoportrait by Peter Rauh, 1969

collegekaart Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1970

my student card at University of Amsterdam. Sociology was the study, in a try to transcend from the manual work in theatre; it failed unfortunately after two semesters

1971; Sjaak op Terschelling

1971; Sjaak on the dutch isle of Terschelling

Ik werkte mee aan 2 producties van Funhouse

Doing the stage lights of two productions of the Funhouse-group in 1971 - 1973 : "Horror" and "REVUE". Above parts of the information in the brochure for REVUE show.

sjaak in een camerawinkel, 1974

In a camera-shop, 1974. In addition to my interest in painting, drawing and theatre, there was an early passion for photography

Sjaak als technicus werkzaam bij de Theaterunie-productie Kotz

In February 1976 "Theaterunie" presented the musical theatre production Kotz; I participated in development as well as carrying out the technical part of the performances.

Sjaak als technicus werkzaam bij een straattheatervoorstelling

1976 working for the children street production of "SATER" theatre company. Photo: Gerda van der Veen

promotiefoto voor kinderstraattheatergroep KIP van Guy Sonnen

1976 promotion picture for children streettheatre group "KIP" van Guy Sonnen. Hij founded the group and started with "Dikkie, Nikkie en het geheim van Meer", the production that was made in his time at SATER. I helped him bring it on stage again.

1977 lid van de Kitching kunstenaars-groep

Photo: 1977. From August 1973 I took part in the artist-group Kitching. Sjaak: Standing, second from the left

1977, Sjaak, de tapasman in Cafe Levkas, Madrid

Later in the year 1977 I lived 3 months in Madrid, where I worked in the tapas bar in the Café Levkas, owned by good friend in those days.

1979, in atelier Prinseneiland

June 1979, posing proudly in my first painters studio, on Prinseneiland, Amsterdam.

1980, aan het werk, 2x

Two pictures made in 1980; left: at the former shipyard ADM-scheepswerf in Amsterdam-Noord, where I painted the signposting for "Festival of Fools". Right: Sjaak at work.

1987, vakbondsoverleg met UvA

February 1987: as members of the section theatre technics of the Union of the Arts (Kunstenbond) Peter Pieksma and I collected data for the "Jungle Investigation" done by Peter Eversmann, what resulted in a UvA-publication of the Institute for Theaterscience "Theatertechniek in de marge: presentatie van de gegevens van het 'jungle'-onderzoek; a survey of the position of theatre technicians working with the fringe theatre groups in the Netherlands". From left to right: Peter Pieksma, Peter Eversmann (2x), Sjaak van der Leden

1989, portretfoto Sjaak

October 1989, photo portrait made by my friend Pieter Rauh in our flat in Amsterdam

1992Sjaak met Peter Pieksma bij de aflevering van een schilderij

February 1992: at the delivery of one of my paintings together with Peter Pieksma

maart 1993, werken aan 3 nieuwe schilderijen in een villaatje in Verlaine

March 1993, Three new paintings I'm working on in a cottage in Verlaine in the Belgian Ardennes. Photo: Pieter Rauh

1995, aanbieding van het Gullit-schilderij in het Sportmuseum

March 1995, Presenting my painting depicting Ruud Gullit, at the time star soccer player, in the Sports Museum in Lelystad to the Director

1995, bij de zojuist voltooide Kerstetalage

December 1995, after completion of my Christmas shopwindow

december 1997, achter de computer in m'n atelier

in December 1997, a computer was installed in my studio

februari 2000, gefotografeerd in mijn atelier

February 2000, in my studio at Koningsstraat, Amsterdam

mei 2001, bij paneeltje Na De Brief

May 2001, next to the panel I completed in 2000: "Na De Brief"

augustus 2002, aan de muur Jongen Met Lelie

August 2002. On the wall: "Jongen Met Lelie"(Boy with lily, 2002)

september 2003, tijdens een bezoek aan familie

September 2003; at a family visit in Nieuwkoop. I like to photograph every now and then with my analogue Leica camera.

augustus 2004, receptie-werk bij FNV-Kiem

August 2004, from 1999 till 2012 I worked as a receptionist parttime at FNV-Kiem, the labour union for artists. By this function I had the opportunity to keep in touch with society and with colleague artists.

juni 2005, Sjaak schildert mandala

June 2005, painting a mandala in my studio

6 april 2006; Els Iping opent opgeknapt Nieuwmarktplein

More and more I make photo reports of events in my neighborhood. Here, on the 6th of April 2006 at the occasion of the opening of the renewed Nieuwmarkt square. The municipal ruler Els Iping performs the opening act.

2007; thuis en 2008; in India

Left: 2007, at home during a gathering with the debating group "Wintergasten". On the background: Peter Rauh.
Photo right: 2008, on a five week trip to the monuments of North India.

Sjaak in atelier, mei 2010

working on my "India"-schilderij in my studio in Amsterdam.

in de Cottonclub, juni 2012

photo made in June 2012 after opening of the street-window exhibition in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat, Amsterdam about jazz-musicians in the Cotton Club (a renowned jazz café nearby). I managed and executed this exhibition.

in natuurpark Kao Yai, Thailand, maart 2013

18th of March 2013; during a 7-week trip visiting Laos, Cambodja and Thailand you see me in the jungle of Kao Yai, a big national nature reserve park in central Thailand


With a friend during a visit of "Naarden Fotofestival", June 2013


In front of the entrance of Gallery Connie Bos at Zwanenburgwal, Amsterdam Fernando Madera Alvarado works on a drawing (in the centre of the photo). During his exhibition "Reflections", that took place as part of Gay Pride Festival the first days of August 2013, we got to know each other.


January 2014. in front of my shopwindow in Koningsstraat, Amsterdam. We just hung in recent work of Fernando Madera Alvarado. The friendship between us marked a change in our professional and personal lifes.


„August In August 2014 I visited Mexico, to see Fernando where he lives and to get to know more of the country.

„augustus I was mainly in Mexico City but also spent some days in the province of Zacatecas.


aan de Normandische kust, oktober 2014 In October 2014 I spent a week with friends in a house in Normandy. I took a last swim in the Atlantic, fantastic!

„oktober Enjoying the quiet and visiting cultural and historic highlights, like the remains of the Atlantik Wall


vitrine-exposities in de Sint Antoniesbreestraat In 2015 I continued to realise exhibitions in the display windows in Sint Antoniesbreestraat commissioned by the Foundation for Art and Culture in Citycentre Amsterdam: 6 in total in that year, of which one with only my own work. On the right Paolo Wirz in the Antoniesbreestraat looking at one of his photo's, March 2015

„oktober In the autumn of 2015 I spent 5 weeks in Mexico and visited many a museum and antiquity with my Mexican friend Fernando, here the piramids of Teotihuacan


2 schilderijen in wording In 2016 I am working on new paintings in order to have enough new work for a new sjaakled painting exhibition in the autumn. On the right: detail of a painting I am working on, partly a mandala

„maart I continue to make photo reports on events, like this one: book presentation with music and lecture in Paradiso, March 14th 2016

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